Registered Charity No: 1072368
Building a community spirit, safety in numbers and working together to reduce crime and the disproportionate fear of crime in Bexley, one of London's safest boroughs.
Please use this to check the status of Neighbourhood Watch in your street:

Active means your street is in Neighbourhood Watch and there is a Street Co-ordinator(s) in place.
Pending means we are in the process of setting up a Neighbourhood Watch in your street. Street signs should appear soon and you will hear from your Street Co-ordinator.
Inactive means your street is in Neighbourhood Watch but we are seeking a new Street Co-ordinator. If one is not found your Neighbourhood Watch will become Lapsed.
Lapsed means your street is no longer in a Neighbourhood Watch as nobody has volunteered to be Street Co-ordinator. Signs will be removed. You are no longer entitled to claim any benefits of NW membership e.g. possible household insurance discounts.

Please enter your postcode, including any spaces, and the first letters (up to 5) of your street name

Postcode Street
If you would like to volunteer to join an existing watch or start a new one please click VOLUNTEER

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