Registered Charity No: 1072368
Building a community spirit, safety in numbers and working together to reduce crime and the disproportionate fear of crime in Bexley, one of London's safest boroughs.

About Neighbourhood Watch


Neighbourhood Watch is one of the biggest and most successful crime prevention schemes ever. It is about getting together with your neighbours to reduce local crime and disorder and make your neighbourhood a safe and better place to live, work and play.

Community spirit and good relations are principles at the heart of Neighbourhood Watch. Neighbourhood Watch aims to bring local people closer together who share common goals to tackle crime and disorder and to keep an eye on each other's property.


The original function of Neighbourhood Watch, when it was established by the police in 1982, was to tackle household burglary. This remains a primary function of Neighbourhood Watch, particularly in Bexley as burglary is one of Bexley Borough Police's priorities. Nevertheless, Neighbourhood Watch is not only about crime prevention, it also aims to foster 'good neighbourliness'
and a strong community spirit.

Operational Structure

Each Watch covers one street and has one Street Coordinator and possibly a deputy.

Bexley is split into 17 wards and every six months the ward Safer Neighbourhoods Team (SNT), the NHW coordinators and a representative of the NHW Management Committee meet to discuss solutions to problems found in their local area and any concerns over crime and disorder. You will receive a letter informing you of the date of your ward meeting a few weeks before the event.

The NHW Office and Management Committee is also there to support your Watch's activities. The contact details for our office can be found on the back page of the handbook.

How to Set Up or Join a Neighbourhood Watch

  • Look at what's involved by reading the Co-ordinators Guide on the Guides page.
  • Check if there is a scheme already running in your street using the Check my Street page.
  • Click on VOLUNTEER to send your details to the BBNWA office

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